Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property has come to constitute every increasing value in today’s competitive, technology-dominated markets. Our experienced Intellectual Property group excels both in protecting intellectual property assets and in enforcing and protecting intellectual property rights in litigation. Each of the lawyers within our intellectual property practice is board certified by the Florida Bar in the specialty of Intellectual Property and has been recognized as a top lawyer in this field. Our lawyers stay on the forefront of this ever-changing, technologically-driven area of the law. Whether your issues involve trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, non-compete agreements, internet domains, computer forensics or other areas of this diverse practice, you can rely on our lawyers to provide adept, creative and cost-effective solutions.

Our Intellectual Property group excels in all aspects of Intellectual Property counseling, problem-solving and litigation. On the front end, our lawyers direct best practices for the identification, protection, registration and licensing of intellectual property. When circumstances change, our lawyers stand ready to assist you in protecting your intellectual property assets and enforcing your intellectual property rights. When disputes arise, our seasoned, court-tested litigators provide top-notch representation that never loses sight of our clients’ long-term interests.