Real Estate, Finance & Land Use

Our Real Estate group, practicing in a particularly critical area for Florida’s growth, represents everyone from individual real estate entrepreneurs to large, corporate real estate and financing firms, as well as public entities like the Pinellas County Housing Finance Authority. Success requires imagination, creativity and an entrepreneurial attitude. Our broad and deep experience covers land use, zoning, tax issues, financing, title insurance, complex purchase and sale agreements, plus much more. Our projects have involved condominiums, single-use and multi-family developments, retail centers, golf courses and more.

Practice Areas

Affordable Housing  |  Commercial Leasing  |  Condominiums  |  Construction & Development  |  Corporate Facilities  |  Distressed Property  |  Eminent Domain/Condemnation  |  Green Energy and Climate Change  |  Homeowners Association Law  |  Housing and Public Accommodations  |  Land Development  |  Land Use Planning  |  Mortgage Foreclosures  |  Real Estate and Lending Transactions  |  Real Estate Financing  |  Receiverships  |  Institutional Private Equity